Kewpie x ONCH Skateboard Deck

Kewpie x ONCH Skateboard Deck

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Introducing the official Kewpie® x ONCH collaboration

Kewpie teamed up with Los Angeles-based artist ONCH as they share the same beliefs of uplifting and spreading joy to others. This special capsule collection is the first-of-its-kind that incorporates inclusive skin tones allowing Kewpie fans to celebrate their uniqueness and individuality! 

After over a year of development, we are proud to announce this unique and highly collectible collaboration. As part of the design, Kewpie is seen holding the ONCH signature double-twist pretzel, which represents a heart with DNA (double helix), something we all share no matter what skin we're in.

This limited edition "Kewpie x ONCH" skateboard deck comes with a randomly selected color lacquered front making each deck truly one-of-a-kind. 

  • 8" x 32"
  • 100% Canadian Maple
  • Made in Canada, Printed in USA

Ships in 4-6 weeks

About the creator of Kewpie®

Rose O’Neill, the creator of Kewpie®, used her artistic abilities to advance women’s rights, champion the downtrodden and lift children out of poverty. She is best known for the creation of Kewpie, the most famous cartoon until Mickey Mouse. Pictures, stories, and poems about them first appeared in Good Housekeeping in 1909. Overnight, Kewpies and Kewpie® stories became a cultural sensation that has lasted through the years.