The Twisted Elite Package NFT

The Twisted Elite Package NFT

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For Tier 1 Elite Package NFT -

Price: $188.88


Tier 1 - Edition of 111

By purchasing this item, you will be airdropped an official RED: RED | Tier 1, The Twisted Package NFT from one of our official accounts that are connected to Opensea.  We will send instructions on how to submit your wallet information after your purchase is confirmed via email.

This price reflects the price of the NFT and additional mint fees. 

The contents of this package include

1. Animated Premium ONCH NFT RED/RED Pretzel that includes "Tie the knot" feature, WL status for future NFT drops, and Tier 1 only exclusives.

2. Premium Care Package - Contents will be revealed shortly.

3. Augmented Reality Message Card

If you would like to purchase the NFT directly from Opensea, please join our Discord and use the official links to access our listings.