Wonder Blower

$200.00 - $300.00

The Wonder Blower is a fun bubble blowing accessory that doubles as a tool to make practicing Law of attraction fun and fashionable.

I learned about the Law of Attraction a while back and have been practicing it for an extensive amount of time. It worked for me personally and has made a lot of my dreams come true, as a firm believer in the power of manifestation its time to share with you a fun necklace i designed. It has helped me practice the Law of Attraction, making it a fun ritual that can be performed by anyone.

What is the Law of Attraction?
A simplified way to explain it is that "Like Attracts Like" so when you put out a positive thought into the universe, it will in return attract positive outcome. Our brain is such a powerful tool, when we focus our thoughts on one thing(a wish) and truly believing in it, the Law of attraction will make your thought come true.

How does the Wonder Blower work?
With just 4 simple steps you too can make all your most magical dreams into reality.

Imagine it - Imagine your dream, whatever you may wish for.
Believe It - Believe your dream has came true. you have to believe it from the bottom of your heart.
Blow it - Blow your wish into the universe. and allow the universe to take care of the rest.
Receive it - The universe will help you manifest your dreams and make it come true.

Its just that simple!

Wonder Blower comes in two styles, Triple hoop blower and a Single hoop blower. Both are 14K Gold plated 925 Sterling Silver. Each adorned with Swarovski crystals for that added magical touch. Hangs from 24" chain with lobster clasp closure.

Bubble solution not included.