Rubber Ducky Necklace

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Just in time for Summer, the Rubber Duckies are here!!! Onch Movement presents the Rubber Ducky Necklace. Perfect for a stroll on the beach or a dip in the pool, these little duckies are must have summer accessory.

Each necklace consists of 5 little ducks all in a row, connected by acrylic bubble beads and high quality, sturdy, link chain. The Rubber Ducky Necklace measures 21" from end to end.

***For a limited time buy a Rubber Ducky Necklace and we'll throw in a Rubber Ducky Ring as a bonus gift!***

(Some ducks have been known to quack!)

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Photo #2 (courtesy of Kim Kardashian's Twitter)
Kim Kardashian wearing rubber ducky necklace as a headband at my dear friend Joyce Bonelli's Baby shower :)