Princess pearl necklace


"Pearl of Hearts" is a collection designed to celebrate my love for the delicious queen of gems and a wedding of a very special friend.

Using the best quality genuine freshwater pearls and Mabe pearl each piece is handmade to be perfectly imperfect! uniquely one-of-a-kind. Mabe pearl and whipped cream pendant measures approx 1" (2.54cm) come attached on a lustrous strand of free-form freshwater cultured pearls measuring approx 14.5" with 3" 18K gold plated extension chain and clasp.

Arrives with a certificate of authenticity.

Cultured pearl - is a pearl created by a mussel farmer or oyster farmer under controlled conditions. Cultured pearls are human creations formed by inserting a tissue graft from a donor mollusk, upon which a pearl sac forms and the inner side precipitates calcium carbonate, in the form of nacre.

Mabe pearl - is actually a cultured half pearl that is grown differently than other cultured pearls. Instead of being grown inside the body of a mollusk creature, a mabe pearl is grown against the inside of the shell.

-With proper care, your ring can be passed down for generations.
-Do not spray with perfume or body spray.
-Do not knock against hard surfaces.
-Avoid wearing your ring if excessive sweating will occur. If you do please rinse it with cold fresh water and pat dry.

Very limited in quantity

Released 11/11/2021