Pearls In a pod 2.0

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As the first launch of the new decade we are re-releasing the much loved ONCH classic (originally launched in 2008), Pearls in a pod 2.0

12 years later we are giving the classic design a refreshed glossy makeover and a new Ivy green color way.

Just like the original, each "Pearls In a Pod 2.0" is hand made by ONCH in Los Angeles and stamped on the back for authenticity. Made from glass pearls, clay and 18K gold plated elements. Comes with 24" premium quality 18K gold plated chain and clasp.

Lime Green measures approx 3" long and 3/4" wide
Ivy Green measures approx 2.5" long and 1/2" wide (SOLD OUT)

Each piece will be made to order. Please allow 2 weeks from the date of order for the product to be shipped out via priority mail.

With proper care your "Pearls In a Pod 2.0" necklace can be passed down for generations. This is a piece of wearable art please wear it delicately and treat it with love.
Do not submerge in water or wear it in the shower.
Do not spray with perfume or body spray.
Do not tug on it with force.
Do not knock against hard surface.

Due to the handmade nature of this clay creation, every piece will vary slightly making it truly one-of-a-kind. There may be fine blemishes/imperfections that are not product flaws.

Released 1/1/2020