Pearldrop necklace

$98.00 - $140.00

In the magical world of ONCH things are a little bit different. Instead of raining water we rain pearls! Introducing our new "Pearldrop" necklace collection.

This design is an ONCH classic, originally launched in 2005 for a very limited time. We are thrilled to bring it back with new variations at premium quality.

Just like the original design, each "Pearldrop" necklace is hand made by ONCH in Los Angeles with a stamped tag hanging next to the clasp for authenticity. Made from genuine cultured pearls / Mabe pearls and hand poured resin. Comes with 18" premium quality 18K gold plated chain and clasp.

Each Mabe pearl and cultured pearl is hand selected to ensure they have the best color, luster and of the highest quality.

Pearldrop XL = Single Mabe Pearl 14mm
Pearldrop Single = One cultured pearl approx 9mm-10mm
Pearldrop Duo = Two cultured pearls measuring 10mm and 7mm
Pearldrop Trio = Three cultured pearls measuring 10mm, 9mm and 7mm

Each piece (if not in stock) will be made to order. Please allow 1 week from the date of order for the product to be shipped out via priority mail.

Cultured pearl - is a pearl created by a mussel farmer or oyster farmer under controlled conditions. Cultured pearls are human creations formed by inserting a tissue graft from a donor mollusk, upon which a pearl sac forms, and the inner side precipitates calcium carbonate, in the form of nacre.

Mabe pearl - is actually a cultured half pearl that is grown differently than other cultured pearls. Instead of being grown inside the body of a mollusk creature, a mabe pearl is grown against the inside of the shell.

With proper care your "Pearldrop" necklace can be passed down for generations.
Do not spray with perfume or body spray.
Do not knock against hard surfaces as pearls are delicate and can scratch easily.
Avoid keeping necklace next to direct sunlight as it will age the resin and cause it to discolor.
Avoid wearing your "Pearldrop" necklace if excessive sweating will occur. If you do please rinse it with cold freshwater and pat dry.

Due to the nature of genuine fresh water pearls and hand poured resin, every piece will vary slightly making it truly one-of-a-kind.

Released 8/24/2020