Onch Movement Mugo

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MUGO have been known to be a shy race of creatures, often keeping in the background, but recently have started to come forward and show themselves to the world. They are timid beings, each highly individualized to their owner. But the Onch MUGO was born a little bit different! It's loud, it's colorful, it's creative, and it loves to be seen EVERYWHERE!!!

With the combined features of an MP3 player and flash drive, this Limited Edition Onch MUGO offers style and fashion, as well as functionality for an affordable price. Take your MUGO to the gym or wear it around your neck as a bold fashion statement for a night out!

Every Onch MUGO comes bundled with a microfiber bag , instruction manuel and earphones.

Onch MUGO features:
Enhanced memory: 2GB memory to store your music, videos, photos or important documents.
Compatible with MAC OS X and Windows 98, VISTA and XP.
Limited Edition design from Onch Movement.
Rechargeable Battery - up to 8 hours of continuous play.
Plug and Play feature.
Direct USB connection - no cables needed.


**Onch was Spotted rocking his Onch Movement Mugo by Hollywood.tv Click Here to watch