Monchie Bar

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Introducing Onch Movement's first chocolate bar at Sweet! Hollywood!

Onch is taking his epicurean obsession to the next level with The Monchie Bar, the ultimate antidote to the munchies, featuring handmade white chocolate packed with gummy bears, sour patch kids, and a dash of fruity pebbles in a blinged out wrapper!

Onch is thrilled to offer his first foodie effort via the high end Hollywood candy store, which also recently launched prestigious partnerships with Rupaul and trendy brand TokiDoki. "I spent more than six months designing not only the outside wrapper for this bar, but researching what candy combinations together created the ultimate cure for the Munchies,” says the designer with a wink.

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Monchie Bars are getting great reviews!! calls it "Like a rave in your mouth, in a good way"
Click Here calls it "The Most Fabulous Candy bar ever"
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Huffington Post calls it "A Rainbow in chocolate form"
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