Melting Heart by ONCH (Sterling Silver)

$95.00 - $180.00

A melting heart is a heart at its highest vibration of love, love at melting point. Designer ONCH believes wearing one will help manifest the kind of love we desire and deserve.

Dripping from an 18” Italian sterling silver chain, each melting heart is 925 Sterling Silver or Sterling Silver 14K Gold plated to perfection.

Large melting heart measures approx 0.85"x 1.2"
Small melting heart measures approx 0.5" x 0.65"

Handmade in Los Angeles every piece is branded on the back with the signature ONCH Pretzel and logo.

Elegant and Chic, Melting Heart by ONCH is the perfect unisex accessory perfect for daily wear.

Photo #5 - Designer ONCH is wearing the Large Melting heart. (Photo by Danny Sardi)