Light Cube Necklace

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Sometimes all you need in life is a spark of clarity and some, tough rugged glam! A unisex collection inspired by the dark and light. The irony between gun metal and faceted glass crystals. There is always light in every darkness and darkness in every light.

"Between the sea of consciousness and earth's vast materiality lies this ever-changing line of white. White is the light, the medium of understanding and transformative power." - Richard Meier

1" Swarovski Spectra clear glass crystal suspended by sturdy gun metal ball link chain measuring 19". Easily trimmed to desired length.

Original Price $65

Handmade in Los Angeles

This collection was actually inspired by a person who crushed my heart in late 2015. My world was shaken, turned upside down, it all went dark. Through it all I strived to be my own light. We couldn't be more different, yet strangely drawn to each other. We made the most wonderful memories, before it all disappeared. Channeling the pain and heartache, I was able to design this collection to remind myself that my light will forever shine bright and no amount of darkness could ever dim it! 🌟