Ice cream swirl Necklace

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On January 27th 2011 the original ONCH Ice cream swirl necklace was released as part of the "Eat It All" collection. As a celebration of the 10th anniversary we teamed up with artist Jourdan Joly to relaunch one of our most iconic design.

Our 2021 "Eat It All Again" Ice cream swirl necklace was cast from an original ONCH Ice cream cone therefore every piece that you order looks just like the original from a decade ago. Each Ice cream is handmade in Atlanta before getting transformed into a necklace in Los Angeles. Our Ice cream is made of hard resin measuring 6" in height paired with adjustable chunky Lucite chain measuring 20". All metal findings are stainless steel so this wearable art is made to stand the test of time.

Comes in 6 flavors Strawberry, Peach, Pineapple, Blueberry, Mint and Ube.

*Due to the nature of hand poured resin minor bubbles are unique characteristics and not considered a flaw.

**Each necklace is custom made to order please allow 2-4 weeks for your order to ship.

About Jourdan Joly:
A multi-faceted artist and sculptor based out of Atlanta, Georgia. His sculptures vary in materials and medium ranging from intricate assemblages constructed of metal and found objects, delicately arranged butterflies and hyper realistic ice cream sculptures made from resin. The diversity within his portfolio is unified by illusionary and surrealistic qualities, combining influences from both contemporary pop culture and ancient mythology. His work has been commissioned and exhibited both nationally and internationally at institutions including the Contemporary Art Center in New Orleans, LA, the Hartsfield Jackson Airport in Atlanta, GA, the San Diego Museum of Art in San Diego, CA and at the Poon Glacier in Pierre Revert, France.

-With proper care your wearable art can be passed down for generations.
-Do not spray with perfume or body spray.
-Do not knock against hard surfaces.
-Avoid wearing your necklace if excessive sweating will occur. If you do please rinse it with cold freshwater and pat dry.

Photo #4 (courtesy of MTV)
Nicki Minaj rocking her ONCH Rainbow Swirl Cone at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) to receive the award for "Best Hip Hop Video".

Original Price $200

Released 1/27/2021