Clarity Necklace

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Sometimes all you need in life is a spark of clarity and some, tough rugged glam! A unisex collection inspired by the dark and light. The irony between gun metal and faceted glass crystals. There is always light in every darkness and darkness in every light.

The Clarity Necklace was designed to remind us,

"clarity is power, the clearer you are about what you want, the more likely you are to achieve it!" - Billy Cox

2.5" faceted Czech glass, suspended by sturdy gun metal link chain measuring 20".

Handmade in Los Angeles

while our time together was brief, it was always wonderful. We yearned for each other's attention. It felt familiar, comforting, like it could last the test of time.

The night before it all disappeared we shared many laughs, I made us dinner and we exchanged holiday gifts. That was the last I heard from this person. Not a word was spoken after, all forms of communication ceased.

For a while I lived under a dark cloud, self doubting and questioning what could have happened for something so great to crumble so quickly. I felt abandoned, lost and discarded. At that point I just wanted closure.

In Janurary, after a long week of successful meetings and conference calls a moment of clarity sparked in me! I must be Great! I must be Fantastic! This is why I am able to attract good people into my life. This is why I am able attract wonderful opportunities and make my dreams come true! In that moment of revelation I was finally able to find some peace.