Chunky Peppermint Ring

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Chunky Peppermint Ring is a fun minty fresh jewelry for this holiday!

Each piece is handmade by ONCH so it's uniquely one of a kind. Comes with adjustable gunmetal ring back to fit all sizes.

Due to the handmade nature of hand poured resin, each ring will vary slightly and might have tiny bubbles which is not considered as flaws.

Peppermint is 2" in diameter. Very Limited in quantity.

-With proper care your ring can be passed down for generations.
-Do not spray with perfume or body spray.
-Do not knock against hard surfaces.
-Avoid wearing your ring if excessive sweating will occur. If you do please rinse it with cold freshwater and pat dry.
-Long exposure to sunlight will speed up the discoloration of clear resin.

Original Price $59

Released 12/4/2020