143K Dollars Tennis Necklace (18K Gold Plated)

$70.00 - $143.00 Sold Out

143K Dollars Tennis Necklace and Bracelet collection is a fun, new twist to a classic design.

What will make your other half feel more special beyond spending your hard earned cash on them? Making sure the world knows it of course! For this 143K dollars collection, every piece comes with a permanent price tag as part of the design to ensure your partner (and everyone else) never forgets how much you love them!

The numbers "143" also mean "I Love You" so whenever they wear one of these beautiful pieces, they will forever be reminded of your love.

Both necklace and bracelet are 18K gold plated and set with the highest quality CZs that sparkles like real diamonds.

Tennis Necklace can be worn both ways with clasp on the front for extra fun or clasp on the back for that classic Tennis Necklace look.

Go on spoil your loved one and make sure everyone knows it!

Handmade in Los Angeles
Released 1/17/2020